Careers in Action

Hospital Supervisor

Gather your physical strength and strength of knowledge. Together, they will support all of your endeavors.’

When she was very young, Lisa went with her dog for his first visit to the veterinarian. From that point on, she knew that she wanted to work in the field of Veterinary Medicine. It wasn’t until after college, however, that she decided to work with exotic animals.

Lisa cares for all the injured and ill animals that are housed in the veterinary hospital at the Bronx Zoo. She works closely with the three departments in the hospital: Clinical Veterinary, Field Veterinary, and Pathology. Lisa works with veterinary and college students who cycle through the hospital, teaching and spreading the conservation message of the Wildlife Conservation Society. She also makes sure that the hospital systems (e.g. ultra-low temperature freezers for storing medical samples, medical oxygen, individual air circulation units for the animal areas, heating and cooling systems, etc.) remain functional.

Many of the animals that Lisa works with are rare, endangered, or in captive-breeding programs. As part of the team working to maintain and improve the health of these animals, Lisa directly contributes to the survival of different species. Her work is extremely challenging, but Lisa enjoys it very much. She also enjoys the feeling of being part of the zoological animal care community and holds several positions in the International Association of Zoo Veterinary Technicians.

Veterinary medicine is a competitive field, so getting involved early is a good idea. Lisa started as a sophomore in high school by taking an animal care and behavior class at the Bronx Zoo. During her junior year, she ran an animal care class for elementary school age children in conjunction with her local YM-YWHA. She volunteered during the summer at a large Veterinary Hospital as a kennel assistant. During her senior year, Lisa worked as a kennel assistant in a local veterinary practice and took a class specifically devoted to learning proper scientific research procedures.

As a participant of the University of Iowa Secondary Student Training Program, Lisa conducted a project in an otolaryngology lab (head and neck surgery), submitted it to the National Westinghouse Science Talent Search, and was selected as a National Semi-Finalist (top 300).

Lisa worked in small animal veterinary hospitals while she earned her BS in Zoology from the University of Massachusetts. Shortly after college, Lisa began working at WCS. She previously worked on St. Catherine’s Island and at the Queens Zoo before starting her current position at the Bronx Zoo.