Lesson Plans



fabulous frogs

Fabulous Frogs

Grades 2-6
Published: 2010
Needs Assessment and Educators Guide Activities from Johannesburg Zoo designed for frogs, with a focus on South African species


PBS-operation preservation

Whooping Cranes-Operation Preservation

Grades 5 -8

Published: 2004
Teacher’s guide to accompany America’s Public Broadcasting Station (PBS) television programs on whooping cranes, Flight School and Land of the Falling Lake Available at www.shopthirteen.org


african cats-lion 80 px

Disneynature African Cats

Grade 2 – 6

Published: 2010
Format: Video, PDF

Educational Activity Guide and Expanded Educator’s Guide: A series of lessons to positively influence knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors about African cats

snow leopard 80 px

Snow Leopard Lessons

Grade 5 -8

Published: 2009

A series of five lessons on snow leopards designed for grades 5-8

dak cs kdc brittany 80 px

Backyard Animals Scavenger Hunt Kids’ Discovery Club-Disney’s Animal Kingdom

3 – 8 year olds

Published: 2014

An activity, while visiting Disney’s Animal Kingodm, designed for 3-8 year olds to get children to explore a backyard habitat looking for wildlife

rhino cards

Rhino Cards – Educators Guide and Resources

Age 6-12

Published: 2011

Lessons from Johannesburg Zoo on rhinos using environmental science, geography, mathematics and English.

save the rhino programme

Save the Rhino Programe – Educators Guide and Resources

Grade 5

Published: 2011

Lessons from Johannesburg Zoo that focus on the African rhino species and ways children can help save rhinos.

PBS-lions and giraffes

Lions and Giraffes

Grades 2 -6

Published: 2004 – 2006

Teacher’s guide to accompany America’s Public Broadcasting Station (PBS television programs, Tall Blondes and the Vanishing Lions. Available at www.shopthirteen.org

disneynature chimp-80 px x 154 px

Disneynature CHIMPANZEE Educators’ Guide

Chimpanzee Movie

Grade 2 – 6

Published 2011
The guide contains 100 pages of lessons and activities targeted to grades 2-6, aligned to National Science Education Standards and integrated with interactive elements.

Image of Drama kit

Getting along with Elephants Activity Kit

Age 6 – 14

Published in 2001

An assortment of materials that teach students about elephants and their threats compiled by Sally Walker with help from J. Basom.

Drama Kit guideline

Elephant drama kit masks and finger puppet faces

Elephant packet items ENGLISH

Elephant Etiquette

HECx manual Sumatra version



The Reptiles Teacher’s Guide

Lesson Plan and DVD

Grades 5 – 8

Published in 2003

Teacher’s guide to accompany America’s Public Broadcasting Station (PBS) television programs, The Reptiles, that explores the fascinating qualities of the four reptile groups


butterflies and moths

Butterfly Habitat @ Life Cycle

Grade 2 – 6

Published in 2003


Comprehensive resources with life cycle handouts, videos, and more.


Florida Museum of Natural History MESS – Animals 2

3 – 5 years

Published in 2010

The focus of this guide is some of the smaller animals that inhabit our world: spiders and insects.


Be a Bee PBS Learning Media

Lesson Plan with video
Grade 5 -6

Published in 2012


  • Students will be able to identify, describe, and explain pollination
  • Students will be able explain why pollination is critical to producing the fruits we eat
  • Students will be able to explain why it is necessary to have healthy pollinators to do a good job.