Lesson Plans


Animal Conservation

zoo-teaching conservation welfare for captive and wild animals

Indian Animals-Teaching Conservation Welfare for Captive and Wild Animals

Teaching guides, booklets, projects, games, dramas, and PowerPoints created by Zoo Outreach Organization to teach about Indian animals


Pan African Conservation Education (PACE) Project:

A compilation of materials specifically designed for African school children which includes a book called ‘Africa Our Home’, short films, a wall poster and a 80 activity sheets


Great Apes Film Initiative (GAFI)

A collection of films of great apes for projects that are working with communities adjacent to ape habitats.

Ecosystem Conservation


Learning to Combat Desertification

Teacher’s guide from the United Nations Convention and case studies from different regions throughout the world

Water Conservation

water-80px x 80px

Water Conservation

Teacher’s guide to accompany America’s Public Broadcasting Station (PBS) television program on water conservation in the US, Australia, and Mexico. View the lesson plan and complete website.