WAZA: Towards Effective Environmental Education

August 24, 2015  

Zoos and aquariums reportedly attract over 700 million visits worldwide every year.  So can these visits serve a wider public engagement purpose by promoting awareness of biodiversity and sustainable behavior?

In 2010, United Nations General Assembly declared 2011-2020 to be the United Nations Decade on Biodiversity.  The goal is to halt and eventually reverse global biodiversity loss.  WAZA  is officially committed to this effort.  On educational matters, WAZA closely collaborate with IZE.   Rachel Lowry (President of IZE) and Markus Gusset PhD (Chief Conservation Officer of WAZA) collaborated together on the WAZA Magazine to include 11 articles on Biodiversity,
WAZA Magazine Vol 15 2014 (pdf download)

A Global Evaluation of Biodiversity Literacy in Zoo and Aquarium Visitors
By: Andrew Moss, Eric Jensen, PhD and Markus Gusset, PhD.

“Biodiversity is Us” educational materials are free on this web site