2018 IZE Conference

2018 IZE Conference

Date: 14-18th October, 2018

Location: Al Ain Zoo, UAE



Conference Theme

Culture and Conservation – bringing a deeper human dimension to zoo education

Zoo and aquarium educators have the privilege of reaching thousands of people with exciting and interesting stories about the fascinating plants and animals that we share our planet with. Since the start of zoo and aquarium education we have focussed largely on our content – our animals and plants, nature in general. The theme for IZE 2018 is  Culture and Conservation – bringing a deeper human dimension to zoo education. This theme has been selected to encourage us all to now look more carefully at our visitors, the people who we are talking to. The theme encourages us to think about our audience first – who are we talking to, what motivates them, interests them and will support their behavior changes.

The way I picture it is……for a long time we have stood at our zoo / aquarium gates, faced inwards towards our exhibits and thought about what we can tell people about our wonderful environment. This theme suggests that we turn around, face our visitors and work out what will interest them and motivate them to care for our environment.

Conference abstracts are due on April 1, 2018.


2018 IZE Conference Al Ain from IZE on Vimeo.

For more information about Al Ain Zoo, visit their website