Member Programs in Action

Burger’s Zoo, Arnhem, The Netherlands

Since 1988 Burgers Zoo has been focusing on visitor immersion in large scale, very naturalistic biotopes.
Our guests are completely shifted into exotic worlds of tropical rainforest, North American desert, tropical ocean and coral reef, mangrove forest or African savannah.

Their adventurous expedition during which they have to feel like discoverers makes them alert, curious and open for all kind of information. Visits to these ecodisplays are an emotional event: excitement, admiration, astonishment are common experiences.

The high biological diversity in animals as well as plants, the many biological, geological and sometimes ethnological details in the display make it impossible to communicate all names and things worth knowing. Therefore and to not disturb landscapes with information shields, the visitor is left with his spontaneous sensations which are in our opinion a primary condition for lasting education. For those who want to learn biological facts and experience guided tours, informative leaflets and next-door exhibitions are available.