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Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Bay Lake, Florida

Disney’s Animal Kingdom
Bay Lake, Florida

Disney's Animal Kingdom Our approach to learning combines fun, wildlife knowledge and storytelling to inspire our visitors to conservation action.

Group and Satellite Programs:

Disney's Animal KingdomThese thought-provoking experiences take place throughout our property at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, The Living Seas and in the local community. Each program targets a specific environmental concept with the ultimate goal of promoting environmental awareness and inspiring each participant about conservation issues. All programs meet Florida State Education Standards as well as National Science Standards.

Visitor Experiences:

Our 6 Kids Discovery Clubs are child-based exploration sites that provide activities for youngsters ages 3-8. They connect children with the natural world through interactive, exploratory, microenvironments that encourage children to embrace our conservation message: Be a Friend of the
Animals . . . care for Wildlife and Wild Places.’

All Animal Programs staff participates in a 3-part interpretation class providing skills to deliver conservation messages to our visitors.