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Zoos South Australia Adelaide and Monarto Zoos

Adelaide Zoo Adelaide Zoo is a small (8 hectare) city zoo which opened its gates to the Public in 1883. Housing about 3000 animals, representing about 300 species, it also features some prominent and historic buildings dotted throughout the grounds. Of its 4 main objectives: conservation, education, research and recreation, education has a major influence on the knowledge, behavior and actions of our young people towards conservation.Adelaide Zoo

Education at the Adelaide Zoo offers a wide variety of experiences for education groups, from Kindergarten to Tertiary age: these range from single sessions to 3 day programs. We also support community groups with programs such as Photography and Drawing courses.

Monarto Zoological Park
Monarto, South Australia

Monarto Zoological ParkMonarto Zoo is the largest open range zoo in Australia, 1000 hectare, and includes large tracts of remnant mallee scrub on the site. Conservation programs are focused on threatened native and exotic (especially African) species from dry Monarto Zoological Parkhabitats.

Education at Monarto Zoo offers a range of programs including
hands-on service projects, personal development and leadership courses and educational tours and experiences to support a range of curriculum areas.


This action program is offered at both Zoos South Australia sites and is an excellent example of how children can get involved in conservation. As their focus animal, students and teachers can choose the Tiger, Orangutan or Sun bear at Adelaide Zoo, or the Southern white rhinoceros or African painted dog at Monarto. They learn about the plight of the species and engage in behind the scenes experiences with animals at our sites. They then become involved in awareness raising and fundraising activities in their local communities to support in situ conservation programs. Planetkeeper is offered as a Day or Overnight program.