Job Experience Program – Busch Gardens Tampa & Seaworld Orlando

November 1, 2017  

IZE is excited to launch the Job Experience Program (JEP) in 2017 where IZE members can apply for a job experience at another IZE Institution.


On the Oct 14-20, I went to Busch Gardens Tampa with Jess (Lisbon Oceanarium), Nicky (Twycross Zoo) and Kirsty (Auckland Zoo) for the Job Experience Programme (JEP).

From left to right: Nicky, Christy, Cara, Jess and Kirsty.

We were joining the new programme – Caring for Giants at Animal Kingdom.


We were very excited about the program and it surely surprised us everyday. (Thank you Cara, the Animal Programs Manager of Busch Gardens Tampa, for setting up all activities!) During the programme, we attached to different teams to learn about their teaching styles and learning facilities. Apart from Busch Gardens Tampa, we also visited SeaWorld Orlando, Rising Tide Conservation, MOTE Marine Laboratory Aquarium, Animal Kingdom and Lowry Park Zoo. By meeting different leaders and experiencing different education programmes, I am really impressed by the effort all educators have made and also being inspired by their great work.

We had a great time at Serengeti Safari feeding giraffes!

I love the Zoo School Wildlife Theatre Presentation at Busch Gardens the most. Students can not only learn information about animals and their living environment but also have a chance to have a close encounter with animals. Students enjoyed the show so much. The animal tours (e.g. Serengeti Safari, Penguin Insider, Tiger Insider) are also very impressive. Instead of telling the general fact of animals, educators and keepers shared the fun fact of each individual animal which made the experience more unique.  Just like making friends with animals by knowing their names and habits. Guests can then be more connected with them.

Students were so excited about holding the snake at the Busch Gardens Zoo School show!


Although the mode of education programmes varies across different institutions, we all educators are passionate on conservation education. JEP is a great chance for us to know we are not alone but working hard together to protect the environment. It is also a good experience for us to share our ideas and learn from each other. This is definitely the most memorable trip in my life!!



It’s great to see Beluga at SeaWorld Orlando. They are so cute!

I love the educators and keepers’ sharing as well!


When we went for kayaking at MOTE, we met wild manatees!