Job Experience Program – Wildlife Reserves Singapore

September 11, 2018  

Hello everyone! I’m Jemima from Ocean Park Hong Kong. I went to Singapore for a remarkable trip with Wildlife Reserves Singapore in June and July. This journey is certainly beyond my expectation.  Thanks Wei Qian for creating an itinerary that enabled me to gain insight of the elements they included in education programme.

I participated in Full S.T.E.A.M Ahead workshop at Singapore Zoo. They cooperated with local early childhood specialists to share how we can create STEAM-focused atmosphere for children at the Zoo. I was surprised by creative approaches they mentioned. Have you ever heard you can have a yoga course at the zoo. At that day, they encourage the kids to design the animal actions that were combined into yoga practice by the teachers so the kids can learn the animals in the fun way.

The teachers were practicing yoga at the Zoo.


Besides that, I found that I was not only observing how they conduct the event, but also worked with them. I received in-depth training in creating dramatic play scenarios. A lot of dramatic skills I can bring back and apply to our programme. It allows me to use various ways to express the interesting fact of animals effectively. More elements included, the programmes can be more inspiring and attracted people to listen.


We were celebrating success of Full S.T.E.A.M Ahead workshop.


I am glad that I can join the Bird quest camp, so I can get along with Singaporean children. They were really energetic and curious about the birds. I can know more about the different learning style between Singapore and Hong Kong.

 The children were preparing the food before they fed the birds.


Jurong Bird Park is awesome. There are so many areas for the people to have a close encounter with the birds. The children and I enjoyed a lot when we fed the birds. We have precious opportunities to observe the birds in details. It fostered children appreciate the beauty of nature and increase their willingness to protect the environment.

I had an opportunity to feed the beautiful lory.


The staffs brought me to understand more about Singapore. I was not only travel at Singapore in visitor’s perspective, but also knowing the biodiversity of Singapore by going Ubin Palau.

I am very thankful for the opportunity IZE JEP has given me to deep exploration Wildlife Reserves Singapore Group. They were incredible hosts and I appreciate the time they put into ensuring that I had a remarkable journey. It was a great opportunity for me to grow and be inspired by innovative education programmes.


I joined the Zoo’s overnight program and slept with the manatees.