2016 Latin America Regional Report

Tasks since 70th Annual Conference:

Key activities since June 2015 include:
Increase the number of regional members
Increase the number of regional articles in the IZE journal.
Plan a regional campaign for 2016.
Strengthen regional communication through IZE Latin America Facebook group

Progress – bullet points / Challenges
The region largely increased the number of members from 21 in 2014 to 24 in 2015, and 49 in 2016.

The issue 2015 included 7 Latin American articles and the issue 2016 included 4 Latin American articles.

The region accepted the topic Latin American Bird Festival to promote wildlife conservation. A project on iNaturalist was opened to register the bird species in each country. A dropbox folder named “ALA” (wing in english) was opened to share education materials among educators.

The IZE Latin America Facebook group reached a total of 162 members. More than 400 posts have been shared only in 2016. Most of the news are posted on Spanish although Portuguese, English and Sign Language were also used.

Planned activities from October to December 2016
The regional campaign on the Latin American Bird Festival will run from October 1st to 31st, 2016. A collaborative article bill be written and is planned to be published in the journal on 2017.

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