Member Programs in Action

Tata Steel Zoological Park, Jamshedpur East Singbhum, Jharkhand (INDIA)


With the help of Tata Steel Limited, Tata Steel Zoological Park (TSZP) was established in 1992 and was thrown open for public visitation on 3rd March,1994.  The Zoo is managed & operated by Tata Steel Zoological Society, governed by Tata Steel Limited.

TSZP is located inside the Jubilee Park  and is spread over an area of 25 hectares with beautifully landscaped gardens interspersed, small forest patches with an abundance of free ranging birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians. Zoo has been provided with conditional recognition as a ‘Medium’ category zoo by Central Zoo Authority u/s 38H of the Wild Life (Protection) Act, 1972 in April 2017.

Our Vision: We envision an earth in which human values protect and preserve the flora and fauna of the world.

Our Mission: We shall strive to provide natural habitats to various animals suitable for their conservation and propagation and act as a facilitator to spread the message of Nature Conservation by Awareness and Educational Programme.

Our objective: To manage the Zoo as per the prescribed standards and norms of ‘Recognition of Zoo Rules,2009’ of Wild Life (Protection)Act,1972 and the National Zoo Policy,1998.



Primary objective of TSZP is to educate the visitors about wildlife conservation. Education activities are organized throughout the year with support of local NGO’s and sponsors to achieve its objective and in order to meet the AICHI TARGET-1 of the Strategic Plan for Biodiversity Conservation 2011-2020. Through its educational activities it encourages the youth to conserve nature and use it sustainably, especially the students of school and colleges. More than 25000 students were made aware of biodiversity and wildlife conservation through the above programmes. Major awareness activities undertaken in a given year are:


  1. World Wetland Day — Every year on 2 February, World Wetlands Day is celebrated all over the world to make aware the public, discus the value of wetlands, its beneficial aspects as well as to promote its conservation.
  2. World Forestry and Water Day 21st & 22nd March
  3. Commemoration of World Biodiversity Day on 22nd
  4. Commemoration of World Environment Day on 5th June
  5. Van Mahotsav during the Month of July 2017 – With primary motive of spreading the value of afforestation, Tata Steel Zoological Park celebrates Van Mahotsav every year. Through this celebration it promotes inclusive participation in the initiative to plant trees from diverse sections of the society in and around Jamshedpur. Till date more than 1000 trees have been planted in the Zoological Park Campus.


  1. Friendship Day in August – “A friend in need is a friend in deed”, with this saying in mind Friendship Day is celebrated in Tata Zoological Park in association with local NGOs working with destitute and orphaned children. Friendship bands are tied around trees and animal cages to denote friendship with them.


  1. International Vulture Awareness on September 2. The main objective of this day is to make people aware of the declining number of vulture species in India. The day is commemorated with presentations by the Education wing of TSZP.

  1. Wildlife Week (2nd – 8th October) – Wildlife Week was organized in TSZP every year from 2nd October to 8th October. A theme is selected every year relating to Biodiversity Conservation. Activities undertaken during the week are : Presentation of annual Best Eco Club Award; Inter School Essay Competition; Inter School Debate Competition; Inter-school Fancy Dress Competition and On the Spot Painting Competition. Average 1500 students have been participating in the programmes since 1995.


  1. Animal Welfare Fortnight – TSZP organizes Animal Welfare Fortnight every year from 16th to 30th January. The main purpose was to spread awareness among the young generations about the welfare of animals by standing against cruelty.


16th January is also the Foundation day of the Zoo. On this day, ‘Prabhat Pheri’ was organized in which students took a round of Jubilee Park along with the zoo personnel voicing slogans on stopping cruelty toward animals and encouraging taking care of them. Activities like sit and draw competition, Keeper Talks & Touch and Learn programme are conducted.



  1. Keeper for a Day: To give a lifetime opportunity to wildlife enthusiasts and to bring them more close and personal with zoo’s most popular animals Tata Zoo has initiated popular and demanding programme this year called “Keeper for a Day”. It involves unique animal encounters and mucking out activities. This has been successfully organized with very much eager by the participants.


  1. ART IN NATURE CAMP: To make people aware about their roots and their connection to Nature, Tata steel Zoological Park in association with Artist Forum of Jamshedpur has been organizing an Art Workshop cum Exhibition of Paintings and Sculpture- Art in Nature, every year since 2010 in the month of May.