Latin America Region

Ecopark Bs.As proyect

Assistant to the Directorate of Environmental Education

Natalia has worked for the past 9 years as Assistant to the Directorate of Environmental Education of the Zoological Garden of the City of Buenos Aires, Argentina. As coordinator of Educational activities, Training and Education related to the teacher for the topics of Conservation and Biological Sciences, she has trained teachers and students.

She has developed and coordinated several proposals and programs at the zoo, such as:
* Teacher training courses.
* Training Course for Guides, Environmental Educators and Communicators.
* Institutional educational project.
* Courses for children.
* Educational campaigns.
* Artistic and cultural activities.
* Educational research programs.
Natalia was also part of “Program Planning and Project Content”  of ​​the Ecopark Bs.As. project Area. Now she works as technical assistant to the Conservation and Education Management.
Natalia has a degree in Biological Sciences (FCEyN) of the Buenos Aires´s University. Some of the courses she took were about specialization in Environmental Education, Climate Change, Assessment/Evaluation,  Wildlife Zoo Management and Biology. Also, she coordinates several educational programs related to amphibian conservation in Argentina. She is the founder and president of the SAVE THE FROGS ! Buenos Aires initiative (Education Program) 

October 2016 – Current regional representative (Latin America)

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