Family Park Plaswijckpark, Rotterdam

Family Park Plaswijckpark Plaswijckpark is a regionally known family park in Rotterdam, offering large playgrounds, a paddle
go-kart traffic yard and a small zoo. With a main target group of children between 2 and 12 years, the park annually welcomes around 170,000 visitors. The park offers a wide range of playful educational programs on traffic safety, nature, animals and the environment to both Family Park Plaswijckparkschools and individual visitors.

The Plaswijckpark Goblin Route is the youngest program in the park. It focuses on introducing children up to the age of six, to nature in a very playful way. Following footsteps of different animals, Wallie the Wallaby, the park mascot, guides kids from one assignment to the other, getting them acquainted with different aspects of nature. Along the way, different goblins help them with topics like recognizing sounds, finding and identifying small insects, and measuring the width of a tree. All this is done in the form of happy, carefree games, sometimes using simple tools and other materials.

The Goblin Route is available as a guided program, using colorful crates of educational and play materials, such as magnifying glasses, pens and pencils, and garden shovels. A free, simple leaflet is available for day visitors, full of assignments, adapted to avoid the use of educational materials. These prove to be very popular. In its first year of action more than five thousand leaflets were requested! The Goblin Route might not be very aspiring, but has turned out to be a winner in casual zoo education!