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Tips for great graphics

Here are some tips from zoo educators and experts about effective ways to make great, useful graphics for your facility. If you would like more ideas or information, one resource is Beverly Serrell’s Exhibit Labels-An Interpretive Approach.

Do’s and Don’ts of Flip-up graphics.
John Foster, Curator of Education at Indianapolis Zoological Society Inc.


“The hidden flip-up”: Use flip-ups to reveal something hidden- i.e. the inside of a termite mound

“Just checking to see if I am right flip-up”: Flip ups that reveal an answer, to a question, the user can answer by observing the exhibit or using part of the graphic is a great tool.


“The punishing flip-up”: Try not to use a flip-up if you are going to provide a books worth of information underneath.

“Gee aren’t we smart and you’re dumb flip-up”: Avoid using a flip-up as the way to reveal an answer that is some esoteric or technical piece of natural history trivia that a visitor will have no clue of knowing the correct answer.

Avoid creating a flip-up that will stay up and reveal the answer all the time.