IZEA exists to engage our members worldwide to achieve biodiversity conservation by encouraging sustainable behaviors in people that visit zoos and aquariums. As part of this mission, IZEA offers professional development opportunities to build the capability of conservation educators worldwide.

There is an opportunity for a conservation education professional nominated by the IZEA Board to deliver in-country training to a group of Zoo and Aquarium educators in a region or country that may otherwise not have much access to conservation education development. 

In-country training would take the form of a workshop delivered to IZEA members in a central location. The grant may cover transport and accommodation for the presenter and the IZEA regional representative (if they are not the same) to deliver the workshop, a venue for the workshop and catering.

Please complete the In-Country Training Expression of Interest Form to register your interest for in-country training. The IZEA Board will judge all applications using the same criteria and will decide on successful applications.

Each participant in training will become an individual IZEA member i.e. cost of training is the cost of a membership.

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