San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance Academy Welcomes IZE Members

San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance (SDZWA) Academy is thrilled to announce a year-long, innovative new content partnership with IZE. Our members will now have access to an IZE-branded Academy web site that offers hundreds of online courses, webinars, and other content that can be accessed via internet from anywhere in the world. SDZWA Academy membership includes a monthly online newsletter and the invitation to contribute to the newsletter.

In additional, all our members will be granted access to the SDZWA Academy Create A Course option, an added-value feature that gives you the tools to efficiently and cost-effectively create great training. SDZWA Academy staff will evaluate IZE member-created DIY modules that use their provided template, and select the best ones. Those deemed worthy will be converted to SDZWA Academy modules by their team of professional instructional designers and will take a place in the SDZWA Academy course catalog, which is accessed by thousands of users. The plan is that these courses will be 20 to 30 minutes in length, or less, and serve as short training opportunities.

When one of our newly created courses is approved for the SDZWA Academy course catalog, it will be featured in the Academy newsletter ( with a link to the course on the Academy website, with a view sample. (Here are some examples of view samples: When IZE members create 10 courses that have been converted for the SDZWA Academy, we’ll get our own tab in the course catalog, where the public can view samples of our course work. (See To be eligible, courses may be written in any language. If you create a course that is selected for conversion, you will get access to SDZWA Academy content for an additional year, and your institution gets 10 year-long subscriptions to the Academy.

The Vision of our globe-spanning organization is to “Conserve global biodiversity through effective zoo and aquarium programs,” and this new partnership gives us not only another way to spread our message and information, but an awesome opportunity to promote our organization.

Getting access to SDZWA Academy is easy. Just complete the form on the IZE web site. Once we confirm your IZE membership, SDZWA Academy will send you login instructions, instructions on how to use the site, and contact information for someone who can address questions and concerns.

Subscription to SDZWA Academy

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