Meet the 2023 Sponsored Delegates!


Application period for the 2023 Conference in New Zealand has closed.

What Is the Sponsored Delegates Program?  

The Sponsored Delegates Program (SDP) is a competitive grant program that provides financial assistance for members to attend the in-person IZE Biennial Conference. IZE recognizes the value of professional development for zoo and aquarium educators, and the IZE Biennial Conference is an important venue for learning about best practices in conservation education and to network with other professional conservation educators from around the globe. By supporting attendance through full and partial sponsorships, IZE brings the conference experience to more conservation educators worldwide! 

What’s New for 2023?  

  • One fully sponsored delegate will be selected from each of the seven IZE regions  
  • Additional partial sponsorships covering the registration fee only will be awarded as funding allows 

Who Is Eligible to Apply for the SDP? 

Eligibility is open to any part- or full-time employee at an Institutional Member organization with at least one year of membership and Individual Members who have been members for at least one year prior to the application deadline. Associate Members are not eligible to apply.  With the exception of 2020 SDP recipients (who attended a virtual conference in 2021), past Sponsored Delegates are no longer eligible. Past applicants who were not selected are welcome to apply again. 

What Are the Requirements of Sponsored Delegates?  

All Sponsored Delegates are expected to: 

  • Attend all conference sessions, activities, and meetings arranged by the IZE Board/Administrator during the conference  
  • Present a conference paper (oral presentation or workshop) in English, with acknowledgement of the SDP Grant sponsorship 
  • Be available for photos, videos, and social media posts during the conference  
  • Submit the evaluation report to the IZE Administrator within two weeks after the conference
  • Provide two social media posts with at least 5 photos on conservation education efforts at the delegate’s institution within four weeks after the conference
  • Submit the six-month evaluation report to the IZE Administrator six months after the conference  

Delegates are required to obtain a passport and necessary visa for the trip. Delegates may be required to share a hotel room with another delegate of the same gender. 

What Is the Application Process and Timeline?  

Delegates are selected by the IZE Board through a competitive application and interview process, with decisions announced at least six months prior to the conference. Applications are submitted through Survey Monkey and include several short-answer essay questions plus a 200-word abstract for a proposed presentation at the conference. Applicants are encouraged to get in touch with their Regional Representative for input on their application, especially the conference abstract. 

Important dates for the 2023 Conference   

September 15, 2022: Application period opens 

November 30, 2022: Application period closes  

January 2023: Applications reviewed by the IZE Board of Directors 

February 2023: Finalist interviews conducted by IZE board members via Zoom  

March 2023: Selected Full and Partial Sponsored Delegates announced  

October 2023: Delegates attend the IZE Conference in Wellington, New Zealand!  

What Costs Are Covered by the SDP?   

Support for the Sponsored Delegates Program is made possible through institutional membership fees. Financial support for fully sponsored delegates covers the cost of conference registration, transportation, lodging, and a daily per diem. Partial sponsorships cover the conference registration fee only. The IZE Administrator will assist successful applicants with conference registration and travel arrangements. 

Application Materials 

Use this online application form to submit your application by 30 November 2022. You may preview the application questions. Do not send this PDF file to IZE. All applications should be submitted using the Survey Monkey link. Contact for assistance.

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