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The IZE Journal is the premier publication of the International Zoo Educators’ Association. This journal is an excellent resource for articles on conservation, interpretation, zoo education, methods and techniques, and evaluation. This member journal is published annually by the Journal Editor. For more information about IZE Journal authors, to subscribe to the IZE Journal, or to read articles from our journal archive, please click on the links below.

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2015 Journal

Cover of IZE Journal No. 51

From the Editor, Stephen Woollard
ZooEscola: A Teacher Training Program of Sao Paulo Zoo, Brazil
Kalahari Connections: fostering long-term positive conservation behavious in Botswana youth
Bridging the Gap to Form Meaningful Connections between Under-represented Minority High School Students and Wildlife Science Professionals
Assessing 37 years of success of the IZE journal: a bibliometric approach
Can Anthropomorphism Help Save the Leadbeater’s Possum
The Nature of Interaction Between Zoo Docents and Visitors and the Use of Inquiry
Education Programs – Not just for our Visitors
Hope Taking Root at Chester Zoo
Living with Wildlife – A targeted pilot conservation education program for newly arrived refugees to Australia
Latin American zoos & aquariums joining efforts on a Jaguar Education & Conservation Campaign
A Latin American Experience: Education Conservation Campaign of the Jaguar at the Buenos Aires Zoo
Experiencing biodiversity – the interactive activities at Opel-Zoo Kronberg
Diversity – the difference is in the detail! Educators effecting awareness and behaviour change through Visitor Engagement
Teacher Training in the Zoo: A pilot project at the Parque das Aves, Brazil
“ConCiencia Activa” An Enviornmental Education Program: a holistic and integrating approach
Conservation Behaviour: Change Begins at Home
Protecting Pineapple
Evaluating Night Stalk: A nature-based community engagement activity designed to motivate conservation actions
Learning by designing learning objects in zoo and wildlife education
Conservation education: a practice for everyday life
Online resources presented at the 22nd IZE conference

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