Job Experience Program – Chester Zoo

December 22, 2018  

Job Experience Program – Chester Zoo, United Kingdom

I joined the JEP because I was looking for new inspiration and ideas at work, especially in the ways of effectively reaching awareness of pupils and visitors.  I was expecting to find an inspiration and ideas for new educational activities. My aims was also to upgrade my qualifications and personal competences and to gain numerous contacts abroad.


I spent two wonderful weeks at Chester zoo. The mission of Chester ZOO is „Act for wildlife”. And they really do it! From successfully breeding endangered species to teaching people how to be more eco-friendly.

During my stay at Chester ZOO, I observed ZOO-Officers teaching (workshops), I visited a school and observed Safari-Rangers teaching. I observed Zoo-Rangers activities involving different animals, and attended talks on everything from elephants to komodo dragons.

I took part in the Wild Worlds conference, a Wildlife Connections Festival, Team Weekly Catch Up, and I had a talk about Wroclaw Zoo education work. I met with managers responsible for various sections connecting with education.

The best experience for me was Wildlife Connection Festival; during them people could learn how to support local biodiversity.


The biggest challenge during my visit was to understand British people because of their various accents. But it was a perfect opportunity to improve my English.

I met lots of wonderful people who showed me how act for wildlife every day.

I would like to give a special thank you to Sara Bazley and Charlotte Smith and her team at Chester ZOO for hosting and their warm hospitality!