Job Experience Program – Uganda Wildlife Conservation Education Centre

I have been to Uganda Wildlife Conservation Education Centre (UWCE) in Uganda for two weeks as my Job Experience Program. It was such a mind opening experience that I have ever had.

In these two weeks, we had shared a lot of ideas about environment education with the education team as well as other educators in UWEC during both onsite and outreach programmes. For me, it is refreshing to take part in guiding of some education programmes and taking part in education material development inside UWEC with the material and audience that are so different from what I used to deal with. I hope the children enjoyed the lesson brought by a “Muzungu”.

After all, it is the passion and hospitality of people in UWEC that leave me the biggest impact after the trip. I was amazed by the work of UWEC in term of education as well as rescuing and providing high quality living environment for those amazing animals in the centre. KEEP IT UP!