Job Experience Program – Zoos Victoria

  1. Your goals for the program;

My original goal was simply seeing how other zoo works. It turns out being a sophisticated visit. (see more at highlight)

  1. A highlight during the experience;

Instead of participating in different programmes (more hands-on), we were arranged to see how the education programmes & campaigns were themed, organised and evaluated (more on the planning side). I enjoyed the way we shared ideas and giving feedback to each other.

  1. A challenge you had during the experience;

Everything was nicely arranged. The only uncontrollable was the weather, it was cooler than expected, which turned out could see how the educators run the programme under the rain and wind.

  1. A brief thank you to the host

Thank you for the caring and willing-to-share team. I enjoyed the outdoor meetings, the insightful sharing, the pies at café, travel tips at Melbourne etc. Totally understand that it is not easy to squeeze time from meetings and projects to take care of us, not just at Melbourne Zoo but also sending us to other facilities to observe and to ask questions. Thank you so much for making it a fruitful trip for me.

The interesting thing is Ocean Park educators also enjoyed the stories I shared from the visit too. They were engaged with the part which we find out the similarities and differences between the two institutes.  With the reference from different institutes, we can work together to bring up more inspiring and up-to-date education programmes to the participants.