Job Experience Program – Wroclaw Zoo

Hi everyone! I am Tifanie from Ocean Park Hong Kong. I am so glad to have joined the Job Experience Program and had Wroclaw Zoo as my host. A BIG THANK YOU to Pawel, Ania, Kasia and Monika who are the staff at the education department! They were all so welcoming and I greatly appreciate their care and arrangement. When I arrived the guest house on the first day, to my surprise, my host prepared so much food for me and this really made me feel so warm! Not only did they share their work experiences with me, but also the Polish culture and travel tips at Wroclaw!

During my stay, I joined a class about small-clawed otters and educators used different kinds of tools to arouse children’s interest in the topic. For example, they used the fur, skull, plush toys and much body gestures to talk about the body features and habits of the otters. The children were motivated to learn more about the otters while having fun.

To foster the culture exchange by introducing the Chinese culture to the zoo, it was my pleasure to write “clouded leopard” in Chinese calligraphy on animal fun fact sheets to support International Clouded Leopard Day (ICLD). Further, I set up a booth in front of the red panda exhibit to write Chinese names for zoo visitors in Chinese calligraphy. The booth attracted many kids and families who were so curious about me! Glad that my host and the visitors appreciated my work!

Moreover, I was brought to many zoo facilities and animal feeding sections to observe and to ask questions. So lucky that I got the chance to join the feeding sessions with tapirs and lemurs. Caretakers generously told me much about the husbandry information and their stories with the animals. Their love and fondness for wildlife were undeniable!

Thank you once again to IZEA and Wroclaw Zoo for giving me the opportunity to be a part of Job Experience Program. Everyone I encountered helped create these unique experiences and unforgettable memories. The program has inspired me and strengthened my passion and desire as a conservation educator. This is definitely an incredible chapter in my life that I will always remember!